by NWHL Media

While we reveal the game lineups, the NWHL also wanted to take this moment to honor the countless women working the Isobel Cup Semifinals on International Women’s Day. This includes all referees and lineswomen, and the many others leading as executives, GMs, coaches, trainers, broadcasters and in all areas of operation.

Officials in Minnesota: referees Alicia Hanrahan, Sarma P. Ozmen; lineswomen Sarah A. Buckner, Brooke M. Larsen

Officials in Boston: referees Kelly Cooke, Charlotte Hurley; lineswomen Danika N. Korpacz, Sarah E. Hickman

General Managers: Kate Whitman Annis (Metropolitan), Bray Ketchum (Connecticut), Karilyn Pilch (Boston)

Coaches: Laura Brennan (Connecticut), Meghan Cassidy (Metropolitan), Ronda Curtin Engelhardt, Laura Slominski (Minnesota), Marissa Gedman (Boston)

Executives: including Pride President Hayley Moore, NWHL Deputy Commissioner/Director of Player Development Michelle Picard, and league marketing director Ksenia Selemon

Trainers/Equipment Managers: Lauren Barry (Metropolitan), Marielle Gatenby (Minnesota), Maddie Rigsby (Boston)

Broadcasters: Kelly Schultz, Alexis Pearson (Minnesota); Erica Ayala (Boston)

Plus team and arena staff, including social media managers, photographers, vendors, volunteers, and more.

On this #IWD2020, we salute and thank everyone for being part of the NWHL.


Kate Leary – Kelly Nash – Madison Packer

Mallory Rushton – Kendall Cornine – Jayne Lewis

Haley Frade – Cailey Hutchison – Brooke Baker

Brooke Avery    Tatiana Shatalova

Leila Kilduff / Rebecca Morse

Colleen Murphy / Kiira Dosdall-Arena

Ashley Johnston

Sam Walther                 Dana DeMartino


Jonna Curtis – Meaghan Pezon – Allie Thunstrom

Nicole Schammel – Haylea Schmid – Megan Lorence

Stephanie Anderson – Lauren Barnes – Audra Richards

Kalli Funk

Sydney Baldwin / Emma Stauber

Amanda Boulier / Winny Brodt Brown

Lisa Martinson / Chelsey Rosenthal

Amanda Leveille           Allie Morse


Allie LaCombe – Emma Vlasic – Katelynn Russ

Kaycie Anderson – Sarah Schwenzfeier – Janine Weber
Elena Gualtieri – Jane Morrisette – Grace Klienbach

Kayla Meneghin

Hanna Beattie / Shannon Doyle
Elena Orlando / Taylor Marchin
Laurel Hill / Brinna Dochniak

Brooke Wolejko             Sonjia Shelly


Christina Putigna – Jillian Dempsey – McKenna Brand

Tori Sullivan – Lexie Laing – Carlee Toews

Emily Fluke – Mary Parker – Alyssa Wohlfeiler

Jordan Juron

Mallory Souliotis / Kaleigh Fratkin

Briana Mastel / Lexi Bender

Lauren Kelly / Jenna Rheault          

Lovisa Selander             Victoria Hansen