Boston and Toronto Complete Draft Day Deal

by NWHL Media


BROOKLYN – The Boston Pride and the NWHL’s new expansion team in Toronto have finalized a trade just hours before the start of the 2020 NWHL Draft. The details:

Toronto Receives:

• Boston’s first round pick in the 2020 Draft

(sixth overall)

• Boston’s first round pick in the 2021 Draft

• Boston’s second round pick in the 2021 Draft

Boston Receives:

• Toronto’s first round pick in the 2020 Draft (first overall)

• Toronto’s fifth round pick in the 2020 Draft

The Boston Pride are now on the clock with the first overall pick. The 2020 NWHL Draft will be unveiled live on Twitter tonight and on Wednesday, April 29 beginning each night at 7 p.m. ET. The first two rounds of the draft will be presented tonight, and the final three rounds will be announced on Wednesday.

“The Pride were excited to work out a trade with Toronto that benefits everyone,” said Boston general manager Karilyn Pilch. “We cannot wait to share with our fans the exciting news when we make our first overall pick. Over the next two nights we will select six outstanding players that we believe will be important members of the Pride for years to come.”

“I am ecstatic about this trade, and I’m glad we were able to work out a deal where both sides got what they needed,” said Toronto team president Digit Murphy, whose expansion club was announced last Wednesday. “We have a vision to strategically build an Isobel Cup contender over this offseason and beyond. We will select four strong players in this draft and determine with them in the coming months if they’re ready to join us. We now have two picks in the first and second rounds in the next draft – great assets as we build our team in the future.”

2020 Draft – Updated Order of Selection:

Round 1: Boston, Connecticut, Buffalo, Metropolitan, Minnesota, Toronto

Round 2: Connecticut, Toronto, Buffalo, Metropolitan, Minnesota, Boston

Round 3: Connecticut, Buffalo, Toronto, Metropolitan, Minnesota, Boston

Round 4: Connecticut, Buffalo, Metropolitan, Toronto, Minnesota, Boston

Round 5: Connecticut, Buffalo, Connecticut, Minnesota, Boston, Boston